For centuries language – its marks and symbols – have enabled us to communicate, and express ourselves… to live.

It’s from this fascination for history, mythology, symbols, rock carvings, and trivial objects that the magical journey into the world of Alanra begins.

The vast power of these images on canvas or silk is unmistakable. It triggers the imagination, creating a sense of mystery. The artwork provides a focus on new things and creates in the mind its own dreams and new connections. When you let your mind unleash the unlimited potential of your imagination, the unparalleled adventure begins. The beauty is a story, and its uniqueness in your imagination is the magical world of ALANRA...

Veronika Olkhova, the artistic mind and creative soul of Alanra, believes everything in the visible world can prompt feelings and emotions as different as every person is a unique.

The artist started experimenting with the endless possibilities of symbols, emotions and music at a very young age. Throughout the years, the mystery held by every object, feeling or sound had never faded from her mind. Instead they’ve stayed with her from her childhood in St. Petersburg and have become part of her inventive soul, pushing her to move further in her research and experimentation, playing with them in an attempt to express herself in her very own idiom.
Her research aims to find the very soul of symbols and with those the feelings that can be expressed through them. Symbols, colours, music, emotions and beliefs hold within them endless openings and so does the practice of Alanra.

In this series of work, Veronika works with a variety of media including painting and silk prints, in which shapes, colours, words, symbols and feelings melt harmoniously to create timeless expressions of beauty.

It is impossible to place these works in a social or historical context, yet their charming allure is undeniable. Alanra creates a journey of mystery that is so simple yet quite complex at the same time. This is a journey that takes place in its own dimension with its own seasons and moods: it’s an on-going tale.

The timeless beauty of the work gently unfolds, presenting greater detail each time the eye falls on the stillness in movement of this beautiful world.

Welcome to a unique journey for the senses in a world of beauty and imagination - the mysterious world of ALANRA ...